Analogy Is Like Cognition: Dynamic, Emergent, and Context-Sensitive

Kokinov, B. (1998). Analogy is like cognition: dynamic, emergent, and context-sensitive In K. Holyoak, D. Gentner, & B. Kokinov (Eds.), Advances in analogy research: Integration of theory and data from the cognitive, computational, and neural sciences (pp. 96-105). Sofia: NBU Press.


This paper presents several challenges to the models of analogy-making, namely the need for building integrated models, the need for using dynamic and emergent representations, the need for using dynamic and emergent computation, and the need to integrate analogy-making with other cognitive processes. Some experimental data are reviewed which substantiate these needs and the main ideas how the AMBR model of analogy-making could meet these challenges are presented.

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