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Analogy Workshop

Advances in Analogy Research:

Integration of Theory and Data from the Cognitive, Computational, and Neural Sciences

Sofia, July 17-20, 1998

Analogy Workshop 1998


This workshop is intended to stimulate the researchers in the field of analogy to cooperate more intensively and to integrate various approaches and data in their study. Its aim is to advance our understanding of the cognitive mechanisms of analogy-making, i.e. how people notice/perceive analogies, how they retrieve analogs from memory or how they construct them, how they map and transfer knowledge from one domain to another, how they combine knowledge from multiple analogs or how they combine analogy with rule-based reasoning, how they generalize and learn from the analogies made, how they use analogies for problem solving, explanation, argumentation, creation. What is the place of analogy among the various cognitive processes, such as perception, thinking, memory, learning, etc. What is the role of analogy in human development? Which are the brain structures involved in analogy-making processes? What kind of deficits do brain-damaged patients exhibit?

This workshop will be highly interdisciplinary and will make a serious attempt to integrate the knowledge researchers have accumulated on analogy-making in various domains: Artificial Intelligence/Computational Modeling, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Neuropsychology, Philosophy, Cognitive Linguistics, as well as various applications in Education, Legal and Political Reasoning, etc. A serious attempt will be made to integrate all the positive results obtained so far in theories of analogy-making, computational modeling, and experimental work.

The workshop participants will participate in numerous formal and informal discussions which we hope will lead to systematization of the knowledge in the field, formulating established facts, open issues, and ideas for new approaches.


Key talks:






Advances in analogy research: Integration of theory and
  data from the cognitive, computational, and neural sciences.

Organizers of the workshop

Organizing Committee:

Dedre Gentner (Northwestern Univ., USA), - Co-Director
Keith Holyoak (Univ. of California at Los Angeles, USA), edu - Co-Director
Boicho Kokinov (New Bunlgarian Univ., Bulgaria), edu - Co-Director
Robert French (Univ. of Liege, Belgium),
Erica Melis (Univ. of Saarland, Germany),



We wish to thank the following for their contribution to the success of this workshop:
Cognitive Science Society - USA Fulbright Commission - Sofia MIT Press - USA United States Air Force European Office of Aerospace Research and Development.

Participants' Comments

List of Participants: