20th International Summer School


Cognitive Science

NBU, Sofia, July 8-27, 2013


This will be the 20th Summer School – the series started on September 12th, 1994 and has been hold annually since then. More than 1200 young researchers and doctoral students from all five Continents have been trained over the years, and many collaborative and friendship connections have been established. The whole series of Summer Schools can be found here. A short video about the NBU Summer School is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXgToTwPhNU






Week 1: July 8-14

Daniel Schacter (Harvard University, USA) – The Seven Sins of Memory

Barbara Tversky (Stanford University, USA) – Spatial Thinking: From Concrete to Abstract

In memoriam lectures - Dedicated to the memory of Boicho Kokinov

Week 2: July 15-21

Zachary Estes(Bocconi University, Italy) – Words: How we understand them, and what they're good for?

Luiz Pessoa(University of Maryland, USA) – Brain Mechanisms of Emotion-Cognition Interaction.

Simon Thorpe(Université Toulouse 3, CNRS, France) – Spiking Neurons and Cognition.

Week 3: July 22-27

Douglas Medin(Northwestern University, USA) – Culture and Thought, Including the Thoughts of Scientists.

Nora Newcombe(Temple University, USA) – Spatial Development.

Jeffrey Bowers(University of Bristol, UK) – How is knowledge learned, coded, and used for the sake of perception and memory?

Plenary Talk

Jeffrey Elman(University of California at San Diego, USA) – Event knowledge and language understanding.

Participants' Symposia

At the symposium the participants can present their own research projects –their research plans, preliminary or final data and get feedback from the rest of the group and the lecturers.
One particular Symposium will be:

Student Symposium on Psycholinguistics, led by Jeffrey Elman


Participation and Fees




New Bulgarian University

Central and East European Center for Cognitive Science

e-mail: school@cogs.nbu.bg 





We gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided by the Central Fund for Strategic Development at New Bulgarian University, and the Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology, NBU.