18th International Summer School


Cognitive Science

NBU, Sofia, July 4-16, 2011






4-10 July

Arthur Glenberg (Arizona State University, USA) Embodiment as a Unifying Perspective for Psychology

Miriam Bassok(University of Washington, USA) Problem Solving

Boicho Kokinov(New Bulgarian University) Analogy and Cognition

11-16 July

John Kruschke(Indiana University, USA) Doing Bayesian Data Analysis

Elena Andonova(New Bulgarian University) Spatial Communication and Cognition

Maurice Grinberg(New Bulgarian University) Dynamic Systems Approach to Cognition






Participant Symposium

In addition to the courses, the participants can present their own doctoral projects and or results from their research. Submit a two page abstract.  


Participation and Fees


Application: apply as soon as possible applications will be processed on first-come-first-served basis as long as there are available positions. 


New Bulgarian University

Central and East European Center for Cognitive Science

e-mail: school@cogs.nbu.bg