15th International Summer School


Cognitive Science

NBU, Sofia, June 30 - July 19, 2008







Margaret Boden (University of Sussex, UK) - Creativity and Computers

Paul Smolensky (Rumelhart Prize Winner for 2005, John Hopkins University, USA) - Explaining Grammatical Competence and Performance in an Integrated Connectionist/Symbolic Computational Architecture

Geraldine Legendre (John Hopkins University, USA) - Optimal Morphosyntax and Its Acquisition

Bradley Schlaggar (Washington University at Saint Louis, USA) - Cognitive Neuroscience Investigation of Typical and Atypical Development

Terry Regier (University of Chicago, USA) - Language and Thought

Boicho Kokinov (New Bulgarian University) - Analogy and Cognition

Eve Clark (Stanford University, USA) - Acquisition of Meaning

Herbert Clark (Stanford University, USA) - Using Language

Jeffrey Elman (Rumelhart Prize Winner for 2007, University of California at San Diego, USA) - Language Processing

Matthew Rabin (University of California, Berkeley) - Incorporating Cognitive Biases into Economic Analysis


Participation and Fees

Organised by the New Bulgarian University


Endorsed by the Cognitive Science Society


Sponsored byEuropean Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCoP) http://www.escop.org/


Central and East European Center for Cognitive Science

New Bulgarian University

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