12th International Summer School


Cognitive Science

Sofia, New Bulgarian University, July 25-August 13, 2005




NEW ESCoP Scholarships for the Summer School in Cognitive Science

Deadline for application is: July 10, 2005.





Douglas Medin (Northwestern University, USA) - Culture and Cognition

Nancy Nersessian (Georgia Tech, USA) - Cognitive Studies of Scientific and Technological Thinking

Herbert Schriefers (University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands) - Lexical Access in Language Production: From Words to Phrases (to Sentences)

Rainer Goebel (Univ. Maastricht, The Netherlands) - Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

Richard Young (University College London, UK) - Introduction to Cognitive Modeling and Cognitive Architectures

Gary Cottrell (UCSD, USA) - Modeling Face and Visual Object Processing with Neural Nets

Robert Goldstone (Indiana University, USA) - Complex Adaptive System Analyses of Individual and Group Behavior

Salvatore Rizzello (Univ. Torino, Italy) - Introduction to Cognitive Economics

Daniel Houser (George Mason Univ., USA) - Experimental Economics

Massimo Egidi (University of Trento, Italy) - Organizational Learning: Theory and Experiments

Bernard Walliser (CNRS, France) - Reinforcement Learning in Game Theory



During this period (August 5-8) the International Conference on Cognitive Economics will take place and the participants will have the chance to attend some of the sessions without additional expenses.


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Participation and Fees

Organised by the New Bulgarian University


Endorsed by the Cognitive Science Society


Sponsored by the European Commission (EUROCOG project) and European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCoP) http://www.escop.org/


Central and East European Center for Cognitive Science

New Bulgarian University

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Sofia 1618

phone: (+3592) 8110-403

e-mail: school@cogs.nbu.bg