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11th International Summer School


Cognitive Science

Sofia, New Bulgarian University, July 4 24, 2004






I week: July 5-11

Edward Necka (U. Cracow, Poland) Creativity Summer School 2004

Franz Schmalhofer (U. Osnabrueck, Germany) Situation Models and Embodied Language Processes

George Kampis (U. Budapest, Hungary) Deconstructing the Mind: Anti-Cartesian Perspective on Cognition


II week: July 12-18

Charles de Weert and Rob van Lier (U. Nijmegen, Netherlands) Color and Form in Visual Perception

Myron Braunstein (UC Irvine, USA) Visual Perception of the 3D World

Boicho Kokinov (NBU, Bulgaria) Understanding Human Analogy-Making


III week: July 19 - 24

Jeffrey Elman (UC, San Diego, USA) Connectionist Models of Learning and Development

Fernanda Ferreira (Michigan State U, USA) Psycholinguistics: Language as a product and as an action

Richard Belew (UC, San Diego, USA) Adaptive Individuals in Evolving Populations: Combining Evolutionary Modeling with Learning and Development Models


In addition, panel discussions, participant symposia, and project work will take place.

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Participation and Fees

Organised by the New Bulgarian University

Endorsed by the Cognitive Science Society

Sponsored by the European Commission (EUROCOG project)


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