New Bulgarian University
Sofia, 21-24 May 2011


Presentation Instructions

Oral presentations are 20 min each and include about 15 min presentation and 5 min discussion. All presenters should install their presentations in the pause before the session on the desktop computer, so that we do not spend time on switching computers and installing presentations. The desktop computer will have PowerPoint 2011 installed, which should be compatible with all previous versions. If you use a Macintosh, either transfer your presentation to a PC format (which is preferred), or be prepared to use part of your time for switching computers, and bring your connecting cable.

Posters will be presented on a board 70 cm high and 100 cm wide. Please, use fonts of at least 36 points size, so that they are readable. Do not put too much text, but rather use pictures, tables, graphs, and other easily understandable and self-explanatory methods.