In Focus

Grounding Toddler Learning in Sensory-Motor Dynamics - Linda Smith

Why adult neuropsychological models don't work for neurodevelopmental syndromes - Annette Karmiloff-Smith

Analogical Reasoning: What Capuchin Monkeys Can Tell Us? - Elisabetta Visalberghi

How Do We Understand Each Other: A Neuroscientist's Viewpoint - Riitta Hari

Sacred Values and the Limits of Reason in Political Decision Making and Conflict - Scott Atran

Emotion and Cognition

Anxiety fosters relational encoding - Penka Hristova, Boicho Kokinov

Categorization in the Affective Domain - Gabriela-Alina Sauciuc

Patterns of appraisal of happiness and fear: different perspective of adolescents and young adults - Maria Atanassova-Trifonova

Short-term memory for emotional words: Separating the effects of emotionality and semantic relatedness - Winston Goh, Weiying Hu


Biological Sex Context Influences Grammatical Gender Categorization of Objects - Armina Janyan, Yoana Vergilova

The role of recent real-world versus future events in the comprehension of referentially ambiguous sentences: Evidence from eye tracking - Dato Abashidze, Pia Knoeferle, Maria Nella Carminati, Kai Essig

Word Naming and Picture Naming in Bulgarian: Contribution of Experiential and Semantic Variables to the Naming RTs - Armina Janyan, Elena Andonova

Comprehending Advice and Inducements: Evidence from Conditionals and Conjunctions - Matthew Haigh, Jeffrey Wood, Louise Connell, Andrew Stewart

Peripheral speaker gaze facilitates spoken language comprehension: syntactic structuring and thematic role assignment in German - Helene Kreysa, Pia Knoeferle

Are word meanings atomic or complex? An investigation of conceptual knowledge activation in context - Phil Maguire, Rebecca Magurie

Coreference in Portuguese: pragmatic expectations based on alternative constructions and referring expressions - Peter Baumann, Lars Konieczny, Barbara Hemforth

Discourse processing and spatial navigation - Francesco Ferretti, Ines Adornetti

Hermeneutics and cognitive science: a preliminary approach - Vladimir Glebkin

Psycholinguistic Database for Russian Language - Olga P Marchenko


Treading a Slippery Slope: Slant Perception In Near and Far Space - Eric Chiu, Merritt Hoover, Josh Quan, Bruce Bridgeman

When (and Why) might Visual Focal Attention Split? - Stephen Wee Hun Lim, Li Neng Lee

Categorical Perception Effect in Discrimination of Morphed Transitions between Facial Expressions - Olga A. Kurakova

On the Domain of Auditory Restoration in Speech - Oliver Niebuhr

Object Substitution Masking: Can We Mask Without a Mask? - Kep Kee Loh, Han Wei Poh, David Kay Luck Tan, Jit Yong Yap, Stephen Wee Hun Lim

A Model Architecture for Mental Imagery - Alexander Kaiser, Wolfram Schenck, Ralf Möller

Multimodal Temporal Processing Between Separate and Combined Modalities - Adam Danz

Effect of practice on the perceptual span in visual search for pictures - Alexey B. Abramenko, Ekaterina V. Pechenkova


The Persistence of 'Storage': Language and Concepts in Memory Research - Ian O'Loughlin

The Influence of Semantic Memory on Verbal Short-term Memory - Marie Poirier, Pritha Dhir, Jean Saint-Aubin, Gerry Tehan, James Hampton

Response Strategies Challenge Memory as Discrimination Hypothesis - Kiki Koutmeridou, James Fowler, Marie Poirier

An effect of semantic memory on immediate memory in the visual domain - Daniel Heussen, Marie Poirier, James Hampton, Silvio Aldrovandi

Categories and Categorization

Does a Single Dimension Govern Categorization in Natural Language Categories? - Steven Verheyen, Gert Storms

The role of sign and its meaning in learning of categories boundaries - Alexey Kotov, Elisabeth Vlasova

Unidimensionality of category intension and extension - Steven Verheyen, Gert Storms

Category-based Migrations in Object Recognition - Javier S. Sainz

Problem Solving & Reasoning

A Manifesto for Cognitive Models of Problem Gambling - Fernand Gobet, Marvin Schiller

Relational Constraint and Format in Verbal Analogy - Lara Jones

Effects of Source Attribution of Observed Actions on Insight Problem Solving - Sachiko Kiyokawa, Kazuhiro Ueda

Logical Inclusion Fallacies - Transfer of Logical Patterns and Noise - Momme von Sydow

Cognitive Complexity in Matrix Reasoning Tasks - Marco Ragni, Philip Stahl, Thomas Fangmeier


Trajectory-Variability and Inverted-U Effects in Rating Decisions - Kenpei Shiina

Social Effects on Valuation of Pain - Ivo Vlaev, Ben Seymour, Joel Winston, Wako Yoshida, Nicholas Wright, Mkael Symmonds, Ray Dolan, Nick Chater

Moral kinematics: the physical aspect of moral judgments - Rumen Iliev, Sonya Sachdeva

Self-Assessment Produce Anchoring Effects in Promotion Decisions - Zhe Chen, Simon Kemp

Causal Models & Bayesian Modeling

- Giovanni Pezzulo, Francesco Rigoli

Does the Structure of Causal Models Predict Information Search? - Ana Sofia Morais, Henrik Olsson, Lael Schooler

Towards A Generative Model of Causal Cycles - Bob Rehder, Jay B. Martin

Causal Reasoning in Decision Making: The role of causal models and their parameters - Motoyuki Saito, Tsuneo Shimazaki

Brain Mechanisms

A Conflict/Control-Loop Hypothesis of Hemispheric Brain Reserve Capacity - Nicholas Rendell, Eddy Davelaar

Manifestations of Temperament and Perception in Auditory Evoked Potentials - Boris Vladimirovich Chernyshev, Elena Georgievna Chernysheva, Dina Mihailovna Ramendik, Vladimir Petrovich Zinchenko

Processing communicative intentions recruits a common neural network regardless of the expressive modalities - Bruno G. Bara, Ivan Enrici, Stefano Cappa, Marco Tettamanti, Mauro Adenzato


Social Signals Scaffold Learning from Novel Cues During Infancy - Rachel Wu, Natasha Kirkham, Kristen Swan, Teodora Gliga

Language could support spatial reorientation in children - Beatrix Labadi, Diana A. Horvath, Annamaria Leipold

Modelling Language Acquisition in Children using Network Theory - Emil Gegov, Fernand Gobet, Mark Atherton, Daniel Freudenthal, Julian Pine

Semantic Analogies by Young Children: Testing the Role of Inhibition - Jean-Pierre Thibaut, Robert M. French, Milena Vezneva, Yannick Gerard, Yannick Glady

Social Cognition

Beyond the Carrot and Stick Approach to Enforcement: An Agent-Based Model - Giulia Andrighetto, Daniel Villatoro

Facebook: topology to personality and back - an actor-based simulation. - Barbara Caci, Maurizio Cardaci, Marco Elio Tabacchi

Situating Instructions - David Kirsch


Touching with the mind's hand: Tactile and proprioceptive stimulation facilitates conceptual size judgements - Louise Connell, Dermot Lynott

Experiencing Objects: the Role of the Body - Ettore Ambrosini, Claudia Scorolli, Anna M. Borghi, Marcello Costantini

Interpretation and Representation: Testing the Embodied Conceptual Combination (ECCo) Theory - Louise Connell, Dermot Lynott

Embodied Comparison of Functional Relations - Ivan Vankov, Boicho Kokinov

Picture Makes the Difference: Motor Simulation in a Matching Task - Armina Janyan, Veselina Feldman, Elitsa Tilkidjieva

Is Cognition Grounded in Action? Conceptual Considerations and Empirical Evidence - Arne Weber, Gottfried Vosgerau

Grounding Abstract Concepts: Causal Indexicals and Affordances - Tim Seuchter, Gottfried Vosgerau

"The object is wonderful or prickly": how different object properties modulate behavior in a joint context - Claudia Gianelli, Luisa Lugli, Giulia Baroni, Roberto Nicoletti, Anna Maria Borghi

Linguistic Mediation of Visual Search: Effects of Speech Timing and Display - Eric Chiu, Michael Spivey

Unsupervised Grounding of Spatial Relations - Michal Vavrečka, Igor Farkaš

Prediction of human action segmentation based on end-effector kinematics using linear models - Serge Thill, Paul Hemeren, Boris Duran

Effector-Specific Motor Simulation in Idiom Processing - Galina Gradinarova, Armina Janyan

Eye-Movement Signatures of Abstract Mental Tasks - Nader Noori, Laurent Itti

Action observation causes implicit transfer of learning in task-sharing - Sandro Rubichi, Luca Ferraro, Cristina Iani, Michele Mariani, Vittorio Gallese, Roberto Nicoletti

Music and Art Cognition

Toward a formalization of Musical Relevance - Edoardo Acotto

Effects of Harmonic Structure on Phonological Priming in Vocal Music - Dania Shihui Chan, Siqi Chan, Ying Lau, Yan Ling Leow, Stephen Wee Hun Lim

Time Course of Eye Movements during Painting Perception - Evgenia Hristova, Maurice Grinberg

Reconciling Competing Accounts of Picture Perception from Art Theory and Perceptual Psychology via the Dual Route Hypothesis - Peter Coppin


Symposium on Spatial Representations

Spatial Representations: From Body Space to Spatial Language - Holger Schultheis, Christian Doeller, Roger Johansson, Thomas Reineking, Elena Andonova, Yulia Sandamirskaya

Symposium on Current advances on Time perception

Current advances on Time perception: Psychophysical, Neuronal, and Applied Perspective - Argiro Vatakis, Toemme Noesselt, Fred Cummins, Olga Pollatos, Michail Maniadakis

Symposium on Current Issues in Embodiment

Current Issues in Embodiment - Louise Connell, Saskia van Dantzig, Anna M. Borghi, Angelo Cangelosi

Symposium on Argumentation, Fallacies and Reasoning Biases

Argumentation, Fallacies and Reasoning Biases - Ulrike Hahn, Mike Oaksford, John Fox, Jean-Francois Bonnefon, Adam Harris

Symposium on Behavioural Coordination

Behavioural coordination: an interdisciplinary understanding - Daniel Richardson, Rachel Wu, Natasha Kirkham, Lisa Schubert, Janeen Loehr, Cordula Vesper, Rick Dale


Hysteresis effect of the sensory signal recognition as the quantitative degree of feed-forward connections effectiveness: model and psychophysical data - Sophia Polevaya

The Influence of Stop-Words and Stemming on Human Textbase Comprehension - J. Ignacio Serrano, M. Dolores del Castillo, Jesús Oliva, Ángel Iglesias

Understanding the Complexity of the Mind - Phil Maguire, Rebecca Maguire

Linguistic Descriptions in Ontology-Based Machine Translation - Leonardo Lesmo, Alessandro Mazzei, Daniele P. Radicioni

Word Superiority Effect and Attention - Maria Falikman

Eye Movements in Syntactic Disambiguation in Russian Language - Victor Anisimov, Alexander Latanov, Olga Fedorova

Combination and Complementarity of Methods as Methodological Problems in Cognitive Science - Andrej Démuth, Slávka Démuthova

Stimulus determinants of "change blindness" - Olga Mikhaylova, Alexei Gusev, Igor Utochkin

Investigating Categorical and Linguistic Adaptation Effects on Binocular Rivalry - Vassilis Pelekanos, Konstantinos Moutoussis

Exploring Syntactic Alignment in Spoken Natural Language Human-Computer Interaction - Benjamin R. Cowan, Russell Beale, Holly P. Branigan

Unconscious Influences in Decision-Making? Measuring Awareness Using Post-Decision Wagering - Emmanouil Konstantinidis, David R. Shanks

The Joint Attention, The Object Naming, The Infant-Adult Empathy as Components of The Declarative Indicative Gesture of Infant - Tatyana Kotova, Svetlana Portnova, Marina Antsiperova

Do young children understand the relativistic nature of relations in transitive inference task? - Milena Mutafchieva, Boicho Kokinov, Kristina Gotseva

The Psychophysiological Study of Emotions Related To Different Psychic Levels - Alexey Mekler, Ivan Gorbunov

Social Objects and Perspectives - Emanuele Bottazzi, Roberta Ferrario

Representations of Co-operative Problem-solving in Dynamic Learning Situations - Andra's Benedek

When Cognition is Social: An Integration Model - Dafne Muntanyola Saura

Alpha EEG Desynchronization and Saccadic Eye Movements in Selective Visual Attention Tasks - Alexander Latanov, Natalia Ermachenko, Alexander Ermachenko

The Effect of Cue Naming in Probabilistic Category Learning - Fotis A. Fotiadis, Athanassios Protopapas, Argiro Vatakis