Best Student Paper Awards

The Persistence of 'Storage': Language and Concepts in Memory Research - Ian O'Loughlin

Causal Reasoning in Decision Making: The role of causal models and their parameters - Motoyuki Saito, Tsuneo Shimazaki

Infants Use Social Signals to Learn from Unfamiliar Referential Cues - Rachel Wu, Natasha Kirkham, Kristen Swan, Teodora Gliga

Experiencing Objects: the Role of the Body - Ettore Ambrosini, Claudia Scorolli, Anna M. Borghi, Marcello Costantini

Effects of Harmonic Structure on Phonological Priming in Vocal Music - Dania Shihui Chan, Siqi Chan, Ying Lau, Yan Ling Leow, Stephen Wee Hun Lim

The Prizes have been kindly provided by the Cognitive Science Society.