New Bulgarian University
Sofia, 21-24 May 2011


European Conference on Cognitive Science

EuroCog 2011

Confirmed Conference Plenary Speakers

Scott Atran (CNRS, France, Univ. of Michigan, USA) - Sacred Values and the Limits of Reason in Political Decision Making and Conflict

Riitta Hari (Aalto University, Finland) - How Do We Understand Each Other: A Neuroscientist's Viewpoint

Linda Smith (Indiana University, USA) - Grounding Toddler Learning in Sensory-Motor Dynamics

Michael Thomas (Birbeck College, London, UK) - Modeling the Nature-Nurture Interaction in Language Development

Elisabetta Visalberghi (CNR, Italy) - Analogical Reasoning: What Capuchin Monkeys Can Tell Us?

Rolf Zwaan (Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands) - Degrees of Embodiment in Language Comprehension

Call for papers.

The deadline for final submissions is 20th of April, 2011.

Program Co-Chairs:

Annette Karmiloff-Smith (Birbeck College, London, UK)
Nancy Nersessian (Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA)
Boicho Kokinov (New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria)