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Elena AndonovaElena Andonova



Director, Center for Cognitive Science

Director, International Summer School in Cognitive Science

New Bulgarian University,

21, Montevideo Str.,

Sofia, 1618,


Phone: ++ 359 2 8110 414



M.A. – English Philology (Linguistics), Sofia University

Ph.D. – School of English, Communication, and Philosophy, Cardiff University


Research Areas


Psycholinguistics. Spatial Communication and Cognition. Language Development.


Teaching Activities


·         Psycholinguistics

·         Language Development

·         Cognitive Linguistics

·         Spatial Cognition and Communication

·         Foundations of Cognitive Science


Selected Research Grants & Projects

·         Suspending Marginalization of the Roma in Kustendil through a model of community development, funded by the Velux Foundation, 2013 – current

·         Instruments for Early Language Assessment and Research in Bulgarian, funded by Global Development Network, 2013 – 2014 (Principal Investigator)

·         Erwerb adversativer Diskursrelationen – 'aber' im deutschen, bulgarischen und englischen L1-Erwerb, Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS), Berlin, funded by the German Science Fund (DFG), Kooperationspartner

·         Evolution of Semantic Systems Consortium, A research initiative of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen

·         Development of Human-Computer Monitoring and Feedback Systems for the Purposes of Studying Cognition and Translation, 6th FrameworkProgramme, Information Society Technologies, Contract no.: 517590, Consultant, 2006-2009

·         Individual Research Grant, Communication about Space in Human-Robot Interaction, SFB/TR8 Spatial Cognition, Bremen, Germany, Principal Investigator, 2005-2006

·         Comparative studies of language development and reading in four languages, Project Coordinator, Co-investigator, NATO Science Programme, Cooperative Science and Technology Sub-Programme, Collaborative Linkage Grant, 2001-2002

·         Developing New Tools for Research on the Language of Bulgarian Children, funded by the Research Support Scheme of the Open Society Support Foundation, Individual Research grant (principal investigator), 2000-2002

·         Crosslinguistic Studies in Aphasia (a joint project with Elizabeth Bates, UCSD) funded by the McDonnell Foundation, one of 4 Principal Investigators, 1996-2001

·         Assessment of the Dynamics of Brain Electrical Activity in Cognitive Processing of Sentences, Bulgarian National Science Fund, Project No. 806, 1999-2001, Consultant

·         Automatic Generation of Instructions in Languages of Eastern Europe, INCO COPERNICUS, PL961104, 1998-1999, Consultant

Selected Publications

Andonova, E. (revision) Parental Report Evidence for Toddlers’ Grammar and Vocabulary in Bulgarian.

 Andonova, E., Taylor, H.A. (2012). Nodding in Dis/agreement: A Tale of Two Cultures. Cognitive Processing, 13(1), 79-82.doi:10.1007/s10339-012-0472-x

Thomas, K., & E. Andonova (2012). Co-ordination of spatial perspectives in response to clarification requests: effects of perceived addressee understanding. Pragmatics and Cognition. 20:3, 505-545. doi: 10.1075/pc.20.3.o4tho

Brunye, T.T., Andonova, E., Meneghetti, C., Noordzij, M., Pazzaglia, F., Wienemann, R., Mahoney, C.R., & Taylor, H.A. (2012). Planning routes around the world: International evidence for southern route preferences. Journal of Environmental Psychology. 32, 297-304. doi:10.1016/j.jenvp.2012.05.003

Tenbrink, T., Coventry, K. R., & Andonova, E. (2011). Spatial strategies in the description of complex configurations. Discourse Processes, 48:237-266.

Janyan, A., & E. Andonova (2011). Word Naming and Picture Naming in Bulgarian: Contribution of Experiential and Semantic Variables to the Naming RTs. In: Kokinov, B., Karmiloff-Smith, A.,Nersessian, N. J. (eds.) European Perspectives on Cognitive Science. © New Bulgarian University Press, 2011 ISBN 978-954-535-660-5.

Andonova, E., Tenbrink, T., & Coventry, K. R. (2010). Function and context affect spatial information packaging at multiple levels. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 17(4), 575-580.

Andonova, E. (2010). Aligning spatial perspective in route descriptions. In: C. Hölscher et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 7th international conference onSpatial cognition, pp. 125-138. Springer-Verlag.  Tenbrink, T., Ross, R.J., Thomas, K.E., Dethlefs, N., & E. Andonova (2010). Route instructions in map-based human-human and human-computer dialogue: a comparative analysis. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing 21:5, 292-309.

Janyan, A., Popivanov, I.D., & Andonova, E. (2009). Concreteness effect and word cognate status: ERPs in single word translation. In: (Eds.) Alter, K., Horne, M., Lindgren, M., Roll, M., von Koss Tolkildsen, J., Brain Talk: Discourse with and in the Brain. Lund: Media Tryck. (pp. 21-30).

Andonova, E., Tenbrink, T., & Coventry, K. R. (2008). Spatial Description, Function and Context. In B. C. Love, K. McRae, & V. M. Sloutsky (Eds.),Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 199-204). Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.

Goschler, J., Andonova, E., & Ross, R.J. (2008). Perspective Use and Perspective Shift in Spatial Dialogue. In C. Freksa, N. Newcombe, P. Gärdenfors, & S. Wölfl (Eds.), Spatial Cognition VI: Learning, Reasoning, and Talking about Space (pp.250-265). Berlin: Springer

Janyan, A. & Andonova, E. (2007). Imagery facilitates access to the figurative meaning of unfamiliar idioms. Educação. Temas e Problemas, 4, 31-48.

Andonova, E., Gosheva, A., Janyan, A., & Schaffai, J.S. (2007). Second language gender system affects first language gender classification. In I.Kecskes& L. Albertazzi (Eds.), Cognitive Aspects of Bilingualism (pp.271-299), Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

Janyan, A. & Andonova, E. (2006). Word reading in Bulgarian children and adults. In R. Malatesha Joshi & P.G. Aaron (Eds.), Handbook of Orthography and Literacy (pp.275-290), Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Andonova, E. (2006). On changing mental models of a wheelchair robot. In: K. Fischer (ed.), How People Talk to Computers, Robots and Other Artificial Communication Partners.

Andonova, E., D’Amico, S., Devescovi, A., & E. Bates (2004) Gender and Lexical Access in Bulgarian. Perception & Psychophysics, 66(3), 496-507

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Popivanov, D., Janyan, A., Andonova, E., & M. Stamenov (2003) Common Dynamic Properties of Biosignals During Cognition: Self-Similarity and Chaotic Dynamics of Both Response Times and EEG During Movement Imagery. Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences, 7(4), pp. 315-328

Andonova, E. (1998) Sentence Interpretation in Bulgarian: The Contribution of Animacy.  Proceedings of the 20th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Madison, WI, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, pp. 54-59

Stamenov, M. & Andonova, E. (1998) Lexical Access and Co-Reference Processing in Bulgarian. In D. Hillert (Ed.), Sentence Processing: A Cross-Linguistic Perspective, San Diego: Academic Press

Bates, E., Wulfeck, B., Hernandez, A. & Andonova, E. (1996) The Competition Model: Implications for Language Processing, Language Development and Language Breakdown. In B. Kokinov (Ed.), Perspectives on Cognitive Science, vol. 2, Sofia: NBU Press


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