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Opening Words by the Center's Co-Directors:

Boicho Kokinov



Boicho Kokinov:




Welcome to the Central and East European Center for Cognitive Science at NBU!

The Center is a unique place in Central and Eastern Europe which offers a stimulating and interdisciplinary environment for study and research in the field of human cognition. It is an international, research-oriented and student-centered flexible institution that works effectively across disciplinary boundaries to advance our fundamental understanding of human mind and to solve problems for the benefit of its surrounding communities and society at large.

Our most important treasures are human resourses, both faculty members and students. I am happy to work with highly motivated colleagues who are insightful researchers as well as enthusiastic teachers. This unique team of psychologists, neuroscientists, computer scientists, linguists, anthropologists, and philosophers would be a fortune for every cognitive science center in the world. They work really hard, cooperate on interdisciplinary research projects, and are dedicated teachers and supervisors. Their enthusiasm is shared by the students and we often hear from our visiting professors that these are the most highly motivated students that they have ever met. This lucky combination of motivated staff and students makes the success of the Center. The people at the Center have demonstrated that even when the economic conditions are difficult if we do believe in what we are doing and work hard our dreams come true!

I invite you to visit our Web site to learn about our academic programs, research endeavors and university life in general. I also invite you to visit NBU personally, to visit our annual Summer Schools, so you can learn more about the Center first-hand and get a sense of how friendly, exciting and beautiful this place really is.