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Research Areas

Gerganov, Encho, Prof.

cognitive psychology, coding processes in short-term memory, cognitive structures in semantic memory

Kalinov, Krassimir, Prof.

applied statistics and biostatistics

Mateeff, Stefan, Prof.

cognitive psychology, human perception and performance, visual perception of motion and location, psychophysics, eye movements

Mavlov, Lyudmil, Prof.

neuropsychology, neurology, perception, imagery and agnosia, neurolinguistics and aphasia, functional cerebral asymmetry, unilateral neglect.

Vassilev, Angel, Prof.

psychophysics of vision and electrophysiology of the visual system, parallel visual pathways and methods for their study, system analysis of vision, pattern recognition.

Yakimoff, Naum, Prof.

cognitive psychology and neurosciences, perception, vision, psychophysics, eye movements, perceptual organization, perception of form, orientation, and motion.

Andonova, Elena, Assist. Prof.

psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, discourse analysis

Grinberg, Maurice, Assoc. Prof.

modeling of cognitive processes, connectionist modeling, dynamic system approach to cognitive science

Gurova, Lilia, Assoc. Prof.

philosophy and history of science, philosophy of mind, concepts and categorization

Kokinov, Boicho, Assoc. Prof.

cognitive modeling, cognitive psychology, hybrid cognitive architectures, modeling human memory and reasoning, analogy-making context

Stamenov, Maxim

general linguistics, psycholinguistics, language and consciousness.

Miteva-Moutafchieva, Milena, Assist. Prof.

cognitive development

Hristova, Evgenia, Assist. Prof.

decision making, game theory, consumer behavior, usability studies, eye-tracking studies, EEG studies

Hristova, Penka, Assist. Prof.

context-sensitivity of human judgment (influence of irrelevant-to-the-task information, modelling of cognitive processes underlying relative judgment)

Petkov, Georgi, Assist. Prof.

cognitive architecture DUAL, situated cognition, context and context-sensitivity of human cognition, analogy making, decision-making and judgment, constructive memory, concepts and categorization, integration of memory and thinking

Janyan, Armina

speech production and comprehension, hemispheric differences in language processing, bilingualism, semantic categories, electrophysiology of language, mental imagery, action processing and representation


Visiting faculty



The many administrative tasks of the Department and of the Center are handled by the following hard-working staff:

Administrative Manager:

Stanislava Borisova

Project Manager:

Irena Bozadjieva

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