Sofia, Bulgaria, July 24-27, 2009
The 2nd International Analogy Conference is a successor of the first such conference, which took place in July 1998 in Sofia at NBU and resulted in The Analogical Mind, edited by Gentner, Holyoak & Kokinov (MIT Press, 2001). Ten years after this highly successful event, we are planning a new conference to discuss the key ideas in the field and to analyze the progress that has been made over the past decade.

Topics to be covered by the conference (not an exclusive list):

  • Computational models of analogy and its development
  • Neural basis of analogy and relational mapping
  • Integrated models of cognition with a focus on analogy
  • Analogical learning
  • Typical and atypical development of analogical thinking and relational mapping
  • The role of analogy in cognitive development
  • Comparative studies of relational processing abilities
  • Implicit and explicit analogizing, conscious and unconscious processes involved in analogical thinking
  • Analogy as a form of embodied cognition
  • Psychological studies of the interaction of analogy with other cognitive processes, including perception, learning, memory, decision making, problem solving, metaphor, and creative processes
  • Analogy in various domains (e.g., politics, science, religion, medicine, therapy, education, law, invention, design)

    The conference will bring together researchers who work on many aspects of analogy to discuss progress and limitations of the field, and to highlight frontier issues. We aim to meet in a friendly social environment that will encourage establishing new cooperative ties between researchers from different labs, disciplines, and countries.