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Studentsí Comments

"The Cognitive Science Program at New Bulgarian University is a very strong program. I had the privilege to take my Ph.D. there and then move to Carnegie Mellon University, where I am a post-doctoral associate now. I can attest from personal experience that graduate training from NBU can mark the beginning of a successful academic career. The Program is young, energetic, and open to new ideas. At NBU I have found a number of researchers and lecturers with different backgrounds, all of them trying to transcend the confines of their respective discipline and give students an interdisciplinary view on human cognition. The program is an ideal environment for learning a new science and preparing for the changing world. "
(Alexander Petrov, Postdoc at Carnegie-Mellon University, Postdoc at University of California, Irvine)

"I have nothing but good memories and appreciation of having followed through the programs in psychology and cognitive science at NBU. During the course of my training, I was exposed not only to a vast number of scientific notions and findings, but also to the professional attitude and exceptional enthusiasm of the professors whose courses I took. Being a graduate student here at Stanford has made me appreciate the preparation I received at New Bulgarian University even further. There are certainly many differences in the conditions in which research is being done at New Bulgarian University and at Stanford, those differences being largely associated with the availability of resources and equipment. However, in my view, the research projects at NBU are being carried out at the exact professional level and sophistication as the projects I see here. "
(Kalina Christoff Hadjiilieva, Ph.D. student at Stanford University; Postdoc at Stanford University; Postdoc at Cambridge University)

"During my studies in the undergraduate program in Psychology and later in the graduate program in Cognitive Science at NBU I have received a high quality of education which is in no way inferior to the high academic standards and requirements here at Oxford University. The Central and Eastern European Center for Cognitive Science offers excellent education in cognitive science and I do not have the impression that the students here are superior in any sense to my colleagues at NBU. The high academic status of the faculty members at the department and the intellectually stimulating environment and excellent opportunities for academic and experimental work available for the students at NBU make them compatible and comparable to the graduates of any prestige European university including Oxford as well. "
(Ivaylo Vlaev, Ph.D. student at Oxford University)

"Excellent place if you are dedicated to study Cognitive Science. Good library, open minded teaching staff, individual curriculum, nice city, friendly people, and beautiful country. "
(Georgi Stoyanov)

"The department, having experts in different fields, provides a provocative environment which challenges your own ideas and widens your worldview. Combining the East-European and the Western philosophical and psychological traditions, NBU is a great place to study Cognitive Science. "
(Andrea Kulakov, currently Assist. Prof. at Skopie University)

"I used to believe that this high a standard was possible for top-level American universities only, but I am pleased to say that I was wrong."
(Alexander Campbell)

"The most positive thing about the Cognitive Science program at NBU is that it encourages independent thinking and provides the space in which ideas and opinions can be compared, defended and developed"
(Neven Tomov)

"In the Cognitive Science Program at NBU you could come out to be a well-prepared professional in your field."
(Ceasar Oniku)

"An interdisciplinary program with an excellent structure, faculty with a high level of professionalism, permeated by the true academic spirit and creative atmosphere"
(Lora Likova, Ph.D. student at Research Institute, San Francisco, USA (CA))

"I found the MSc. program in Cognitive Science very challenging and stimulating. I was really impressed by teaching methods, students' freedom to choose the courses they want and even to organize their own, friendly atmosphere of the department and possibilities for international communication." (Nataly Radchikova, currently Assist. Prof. at Belarussian Pedagogical State University)