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Reviewers’ Comments


Reviewers’ Comments

"The Center is without doubt one of the most important centers of Cognitive science in the world. As a member of the Governing Board of the International Science Society, I saw firsthand the high respect in which the Center is held by the leading cognitive scientists who serve on that Board. Further, there is an impressive array of original basic research underway at the center, including a strong collection of international collaborations. There is great potential value of cognitive research in the areas of application now under development at the Center. The educational program features a remarkably broad slate of courses, which clearly have prepared its graduates extremely well given the excellent placement they have received upon graduation. The heavy use of external examiners is an excellent practice. These examiners include many of the most important cognitive scientists active today. "
(Paul Smolensky, Professor of Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University; President of the Cognitive Science Society)

“My impression is that over the years, NBU’s cognitive-science research and its overall directions have been exceedingly high quality, certainly on a par with nearly all cognitive programs in the United States. This may well be a result of the intense contacts that has been maintained with people from abroad, but whatever its source, it is unique and it is marvellous. To sum up, I would say that we are dealing here with a gem of a research center, both of which should without any doubt be given the highest rankings and then simply encouraged to move forward, full steam ahead, in the directions in which they are already proceeding.”(Douglas Hofstadter, Professor of Cognitive Science and Computer Science, Indiana University)

“The Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology has been tremendously successful. It offers a state-of –the-art curriculum in cognitive science and psychology. It has turned out quality masters and doctoral students who have published work in the finest international journals, and who have gone on to positions in the finest departments. It contains excellent laboratories where cutting edge laboratory research and modelling are performed. To create such a fine department is a major contribution to the East European academic world.”(Lawernce W. Barsalou, Professor of Cognitive Science and Psychology, Emory University)

“The NBU has already in its short life achieved a very strong and positive reputation internationally, and its faculty and students are highly respected. I have been proud and grateful for the opportunity to be associated with the university. Last summer, I participated as a faculty member in the International Cognitive Science Summer School. During that time, I also served as an external examiner on several theses, and I had ample opportunity to get to know a number of NBU faculty and students. I was extremely impressed. The ones on whose committees I served as examiner were clearly very intelligent, and had written theses that were original and important contributions to the field. It was obvious to me  - through the quality of their work, and through seeing their interaction with their professors – that they had received first-class training. The other external examiners shared these views. Indeed, at the time, the international reviewers commented that the level of the examination procedure itself (which was held before an international audience, with several international committee members) was in our view unusually high. The master’s level exams, for example were in fact comparable to the Ph.D. exams at many of the top-rated universities.” (Jeffrey L. Elman, Professor of Cognitive Science, University of California, San Diego)

"Compared to the best programs here in the U.S., yours is impressive in terms of the care and completeness of the course plan, and I'm confident such a program will produce well-educated students"
(Alan M. Lesgold, Professor of Psychology and Intelligent Systems, University of Pittsburg)

"This program is most impressive and quite rigorous. Students may have difficulty completing the requirements, especially in the time periods allowed, but any who do satisfy them will be among the best trained cognitive scientists in the world."
(Richard Shiffrin, Professor of Psychology, Indiana University)

"I think that the Central and East European Center for Cognitive Science and the Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology at the New Bulgarian University provides outstanding educational training and accomplish first-rate scientific research that is competitive with the highest international standards. In regards to the educational training, I have seen that the students trained there had outstanding preparation in both theory and research methodology." (John Gabrieli, Professor of Psychology and Neurosciences, Stanford University)

"My impression is that the Centre for Cognitive science at NBU is of high quality, and that it has great potential, both in research, and in building collaborations centred on practical applications." (Nick Chater, Professor of Psychology; Director of Institute for Applied Cognitive Science, University of Warwick, UK)

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